4 Most Important Office Furniture Types


Office furniture can be of different types and you need to decide upon the right one. This is only to reduce chances of enduring damage which can be created from sitting in uncomfortable positions for longer periods of time while working at home or at office.

There are many important kinds of office furniture. Most of them have been proven to offer a comfortable and safer place to work and hence to create a congenial environment at your workplace. Let’s discuss the common and the most popular office furniture choices in the market.

Office Chairs

The common reason of back pain is due to sitting for a longer period of time. Nowadays, you will find ergonomically crafted chairs which offer you a lot more benefits. The ergonomic aspect of a chair fades away if chairs are found to be worn out. Using worn out and non-ergonomic chairs for long can cause you permanent problems.

An ergonomic office chair will be including few important features. Some of these features include adjustable lumbar support, adjustable armrest, adjustable seat depth and height and adjustable whole seat. Hence, when you are seeking for office chairs, check how much ergonomic is your office chair and how much comfortable your staff feel while seated and carrying forward their daily work.

Keyboard trays

The mouse or the keyboard trays can provide full adjustability which can help to stop problem arising from misplacement of the arms, wrist, hands and even shoulders. There are several desks which come with the keyboard trays which are found to slide out and can be placed back again.

In order to get the full advantages of a keyboard tray, you need to choose the one which can be readily adjustable in different ways, involving down, up and side-to-side. Make sure that keyboard trays are not tilted forward or at the back. If you research a bit, you’ll be able to find trays which come attached with the mouse tray. This can provide a constant and a perfect alignment whether clicking away or typing on computer.


Whether you consider it or not, but footrests are important office furniture which holds great significance. It is not desirable to place your feet flay on floor while working. It is important to place your feet in a resting position comfortably on a chosen tilt-able footrest which can help to improve blood circulation all through your body and most importantly, in your legs and feet.

Remember a good quality and a best designed foot rest will be including a tilting platform. This will help you to adjust your feet at the given angles and to whichever position you may feel comfortable.

Monitor Risers

The monitor riser is an example of innovative and modern day office furniture highly used in most corporate houses and also in home offices. After installing it, you would not have to look down or up or sideways in order to check out your monitor. Monitor risers are used to lift up your monitor and to correct the height so that your neck, head and back remains on an appropriate alignment all the time. Most risers also come with drawer storage space and can be adjusted as per the height of its user.

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