A Quick Guide To Buying Office Furniture


Undoubtedly if you are planning to start a serious business venture then you are going to need a good environment to work in. Whether you operate from home or within an office it is vital that you and your staff work in an environment in which you all feel comfortable in so that it can bring out the best in work you do. The following are some things to help you before you rush out and spend your hard earned money on kitting out your office…


Of course one of the major pieces of office furniture is the desk. Everyone needs their own space and needless to say everyone needs somewhere to place their computer, to be able to write and to have a phone handy. Compared to past generations you are no longer restricted when it comes to desks. The boring cheap rectangular monstrosities of the 60s are way past us and you n now find desks that come in many shapes and sizes from corner desks to round desks. Even rectangular desks now come with a pizzazz that can really brighten up your work area and in turn allow you to work in comfort.

When buying office workstations it is important that you know how much space you have available. Office desks can be customised to for your environment however it is important you do not choose a desk that makes your office/home appear cluttered as let’s face it a claustrophobic working environment does not make for a happy working day.

Also remember that- depending on your business- you will have staff to think about. So really consider whether your employees will like the desks you are considering. Having happy employees means everything so it is fundamental that the desks fit the requirements of all your employees. This means considering everything from leg room to surface height. Visiting a showroom to sample the office furniture is a good idea as – like with most products – you cannot fully grasp what the product is like until you try it. It may be worth checking with you staff or even include them in choosing the office furniture.

On another note it is wise to check to see if office PCs can fit appropriately onto the desk. Without saying there are many companies out there so if you are a designer who needs lots of space for a computer and sketch book then you should pay very close attention to the amount of surface space the desk you want possesses.


Another piece of furniture that is becoming ever more popular are office tables. Whether simply for the staff room or for your businesses conference room a table is a good piece of office furniture to have.

Having a good office table for your meeting room will give off a great sense of class to your clients and staff alike so it is important to get it right. There are many types of office conference tables to choose from that include round tables to your standard rectangular tables. For meeting room purposes you do not want your table to be intimidating and nor do you want it to tacky and old.

Having meetings can require a large number of people sitting around the table so you should consider many aspects. These include the amount of people that can fit around the table, the amount of room people will have (you don’t want it to feel overcrowded), the size of the table in general (you don’t want it to take over the room), and the shape of the table. Again depending on your business different types of table will be required. For brainstorming sessions it may be a good idea to have a round table to bring people closer together. For presentations you may want a series of separate tables that can be shifted around.


Needless to say storage is a very important aspect for an office. Without storage you can become much disorganised and your office can become very unkempt which does not make for a productive environment.

Office storage comes in many forms and you can have office cabinets to office pedestals. An office pedestal is a good idea to have close to desks as you are able to store essentials such as a diary and various stationary for easy accessibility. Cupboards are a good idea for storing books and old reports that maybe needed to access at anytime.

It is important that you get one of each for your office whether at home or in an office. As there is a lot of confidential and important data within your business it is also important that these storage products have the ability to be locked.

Of course it is important you consider the size of your office and you should pick the storage facilities that best fit into your environment and this means considering where you desk will be placed, where – if you have any – your windows are, and lastly where your door is. You do not want to create a fire hazard so it is important you check these things first.

This is just a short article on what you should look out for when buying office furniture. It helps to pay attention to some of these points and to never simply go for your gut instinct on something. Getting office furniture right is important and if you get it right now it saves you a lot of money in the future and who knows even allow your business to excel as well.