Are your staff moving?


Staff movement can be one of the greatest stress and health risk management tools that as the employer can use.

In high pressure industries such as the Call centre industry for instance where staff are stuck behind workstations for large portions of their day or shift, this invariably leads to undue pressure being placed on them which translates into decreased work performance.

If you are stuck behind a desk you are likely to become increasingly “flat” as the day goes by. You receive no stimulus from your environment, you don’t get to stretch and as a result you become stiff and ultimately sore. Look at the smokers in your office – must of them are dying to get up and out of the office to take that smoke break. A big part of this is obviously for their nicotine fill but you will see they often come back fresher having taken a 5 to 10 minute walk outside to the designated smoking area. The same exercise can be conducted when the tea trolley makes its rounds at designated times – employees jump up, chat around the trolley for a few minutes and then their arousal levels have spiked and they are ready to work again.

By simply introducing movement into your employees schedules you may find they are immediately fresher and ready to work. A fresher, happier employee tends to

Some companies introduce Pilates classes or gym related activities but there are plenty of other ways in which to simply stimulate basic movement functions. Ergonomic furniture is an example, moving employees out of an office at scheduled intervals for office cleaning is another.

Look at enforced breaks within the office environment – instruct staff to leave their desks for tea and lunch. By breaking their cycle they may initially bemoan the fact that they are being “less productive” but the reality is that when they come back to their desks or take up their positions in the call centre again they will be psychologically aroused and this will translate to your customers who have to deal with them over the phone.