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We live in a time where credit seems to be the norm and taking home things that you don’t immediately have to pay for is bliss! While some might point out the negative side of credit, others may beg to differ. It all comes down to the reasons why you choose to use credit…(Read More)

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Are you looking to open a new business or looking to add to an existing one or even a satellite e office Do not hesitate, Desks, Chairs any furniture item required for setting up an office or enhancing your present surroundings to keep staff effective, focused and productive, here is the answer. What Rentadesk Offers…(Read More)

Material, Veneer, Marble, or Treated Plywood this type of desktops can most likely be wiped off with a mild soap and water. The best way is use a good spray cleaner which can be applied and wiped off. If you are not sure it is better to seek advice. For office chairs and office desks…(Read More)