Common Questions When It Comes To Renting Office Furniture


In order for you to decide whether renting office furniture might be the best option for you and your business or home office, you will need to know exactly what it entails. Here are some of the most common things people want to know about office furniture rentals:

1. How does furniture hire work?

First off you will have to go online and do research to see what furniture rental companies are closest to you and which ones suit your needs. After deciding which company you would like to go with you will need to select the kind of furniture that you want by scanning through the items on the website. After selecting what you want you will then need to provide information by filling out forms so the company can see whether you are eligible and meet their hiring criteria. Once you have been approved your choice of furniture will be delivered to you.

2. What Else Can I Rent Form A Furniture Hire Company?

Furniture hire companies offer you a wide range of furniture as well as accessories for office use. You can hire screen boards, technological appliances and many more accessories.

3. What kind of extra fees will I be charged?

Most furniture hire companies charge a distribution fee which covers the delivery of the furniture, the setup and collection. In addition to this you will also pay your monthly installments for the rent of the furniture; the price will vary depending on the kind of equipment you chose, the quantity and the length of the lease.

4. Can The Company Help Me with the layout of my office?

Most furniture hire companies will help you with the layout of the furniture you chose without charging an additional fee.

5. What If I Am Not Happy With My Choice Of Furniture After It Was Delivered?

If you are unhappy with the furniture you chose, you can call your furniture hire company and ask whether you will be able to select other options. The company will then assist you to find something that suits your needs. In some cases a small fee may be charged for the additional delivery.

6. Do Furniture Hire Companies Rent Out Brand New Or Used Furniture?

Furniture companies do not necessarily hire out brand new furniture, unless you are lucky enough to hire something first. But since it is a hire company, you might also get furniture that was used by someone before you. No matter what, you will always get furniture that is in excellent condition and that looks brand new.

7. Will I Get The Choice Of Furniture That I Made Online?

The choice of furniture you made online cannot be guaranteed even though the hire company you are with will try their best to give you the option you wanted. However, if your choice is not available the company will contact you and will then assist you with making another choice.