Computer Desks: How They Affect Health and Productivity


What kind of computer desks do you have in your workplace? Do they provide a comfortable setting at which your employees can work? This article will inform you about the importance of computer desks and how they affect health and productivity. Specifics may vary from office to office; however, the following information includes helpful and important guidelines from which everyone can benefit.

When people walk into your office, what is their first impression? Studies have shown that your office or computer desk can actually send messages to others about your work habits. What does your desk say about you?

Computer desks are an office staple. They provide you with a place to put computers, files, phones and for some, feet. Computer desks can also provide a sense of style and individuality! Whether you’re running a large corporation or a small home office, you know that your desk reflects who you are as a professional and a living, thinking, creative human being.
Savvy business owners focus on hiring the right employees, getting the most performance and increasing revenue. Of course these are all integral parts of any business, but have you ever considered that computer also an important aspect of the workplace? An average employee spends 8-10 hours per weekday sitting at their desk.

If those desks happen to be cheap, poorly constructed and uncomfortable, the employees forced to sit in them may not be putting forth their best effort at work. With the right computer desks, however, you can keep your employees happy, comfortable and motivated to do their very best.

Did you know? Scientific studies suggest that the way you sit at a computer desk while working can have an effect on the development of spinal and back problems. If your employees do not have the proper computer desk furniture, you could be running the risk of work-related health issues.

All computer desks must all be set up in a way that is comfortable for each individual employee. They must be correctly calibrated for height, habits, build and even posture. Employees must be able to sit safely at their desks for several hours a day, so it is crucial that every aspect of the computer desk is designed to professional standards.

It’s also important to take the time to think about the computer desks in your office and the features that are important to you and your employees. The decision to go with inexpensive, uncomfortable desks could be the decision that leads to poor productivity and increased employee turnover. Yet on the other hand, providing every employee with a great desk might just put your business in the red. Finding a good balance is the key.

Computer desks are available in many styles and finishes, and contain several different features that allow for maximum customization. The style of a computer desk is what sets it apart from the rest. Choosing a desk that fits into your office design and complements the rest of your office furniture is important. What is the perceived style of your office? Is it time-honored tradition? High status and achievement? Or maybe something futuristic and modern? And does every computer desk in your workplace have to be the same style and size? You might be better off using different desks in different sections of the office to save money. Be sure to take all options into consideration before you spend too much.

You can even personalize computer desks by choosing your base or leg style and a top material and finish. Choosing the right computer desks for your workplace is important. It’s best to choose desks that are designed for comfort and manufactured for years of durable service. Also keep in mind that your computer desks should fit your organization, office environment, budget and staff preferences for every work application.