Finding a Fantastic Folding Table


I need to find a new folding table and a few good folding chairs. I had a flimsy set of cheap imitations chairs and a standard quality cardboard folding table that disappeared from our garage. Now I have met with the task of replacing my folding table set. I have learned from using my lost set of folding tables and chairs. Today I plan to shop differently than I did in the past.

I am looking for the perfect folding table. Today I won’t go for a cheap imitation card table with a cardboard quality top. I won’t settle for standard metal chairs or flimsy plastic chairs when I really want quality that will last. I realize that I may spend a little more money on the front end but I know I won’t need to replace my purchase for many years to come. I plan on investing in a really good folding table set that benefits my budget in the long run. I know I won’t regret having chosen the very best place to sit.

My last folding table set was dissatisfying. The greatest disappointment was the folding table itself. When I put heavy items on its top the table sank visibly. The legs were always a battle to open and close. Nicks quickly appeared throughout the cheap vinyl covering. Just a little rough handling held the potential of poking a hole straight through the tabletop. It’s OK that my folding table is at large. It wasn’t going to last anyway.

How will I find the perfect folding table? If I just want a table for and occasional backyard birthday party or family event, the answer to this question is pretty simple. I just go to my local office supply store or furniture store and purchase one. I’ll get what I expect: a cardboard top table that holds up under a few plates of potato salad and a tray of lunchmeat. It will probably fold flat and store well in my garage. It won’t be too expensive. It won’t be particularly attractive either, but I won’t care. My needs are simple and ordinary. I just want your typical folding table.

How do I find the perfect folding table if I’m looking for something more than the average shopper? Do I entertain a lot more than your average folding table shopper? Do I need folding tables for a school, office, church or other institutional setting? Do I need an attractive table that will hold up under regular use? Am I hoping to buy a lot of high quality tables at a discount price? Would a folding table warranty add a boost to my purchase morale?

I’m looking for the perfect folding table so I’m asking some of these questions. If you’re like me you’re probably asking some of these questions too. You might even have some questions of your own. If this is the case, I’d like to offer you some really good answers.

You might be wondering why I’m qualified to help you find the perfect folding table. Mostly, it’s because I’ve done a lot of research. I’ve worked for years finding the right products to add to my company’s educational furniture line. Recently, we’ve been expanding that line to include folding tables and chairs that can be used in school, office, church and other institutional settings.

I’ve also worked to find folding tables and chairs that will meet the needs of the consumer with folding table needs much like mine. As I select our products I do it carefully. I look for the best products for the best value. I make selections based on my own needs and desires because I know they match the needs and desires of many consumers. I look for the best way I can serve our customers. This is why I have knowledge I’d like to pass on to you.

My first piece of advice is “Consider Your Options.” There’s a lot more out there than your typical flimsy folding table. There are high quality, very attractive long lasting options that you are likely unaware of: specialty shapes and sizes, multitudes of colors, adjustable heights and scratch proof finishes are just a few of the many new options. An hour doing a simple internet search will broaden your awareness and give you multiple options to choose from. Don’t make a blind purchase. Look around.

Secondly, you should “Consider Features.” A good, comfortable folding table offers you benefits that your standard folding table can’t give you. Multiple leg options are an asset that an excellent folding table offers (leg options influence leg room!). Lightweight construction is another feature that a high quality folding table will give you. Also, some folding tables store more densely than others, so you might want to look for a table that packs snugly for good space management.

You can often buy a cart to go with your folding tables if you need to store several in an efficient way. The strength of the leg brackets that connect the legs to the folding table are of high importance. Finally, look for a folding table that’s made of easy-to-clean materials. Avoid surfaces that stain, scratch (scratch resistant surface) or damage easily. Features make a difference for the serious folding table shopper.

Your third consideration should be “Warranty.” Excellent folding table manufacturers will offer warranties on their tables because they know they will last. Your standard metal folding table doesn’t come with a warranty because it’s not made to stand up under vigorous use. Many of your better folding table manufacturer’s will openly offer a warranty that spans several years to a decade and beyond!

Fourthly, consider the “Weight Bearing Capacity.” Many folding tables will hold well over 1,600 pounds (that’s a lot of potato salad!). A table with a high weight bearing capacity will last a lot longer than your $50 standard folding table. If you’re looking to buy folding tables that will be used by a lot of people a lot of the time, you should look at the weight bearing capacity of the table. It’s a consideration that will save you time, money and hassle in the long run.

Lastly, “Buy the Best.” Choose the perfect folding table. Don’t go for cheap imitation tables, standard cardboard/plywood table tops or flimsy plastic tables when you really need quality. You may spend a little more money on the front end but you won’t need to replace your purchase for many years to come. Investing in a really good folding table benefits your budget in the long run. You won’t regret having chosen the very best table top to fit your needs.