Get Comfortable in your Office With These Tips on Office Furniture


When you think of office furniture, you like many people, probably start thinking, desk, chair, maybe a lamp, definitely a computer, and some pictures on the wall. However the office furniture industry is a multi-billion dollar business. If you are in this line of work then you already know this, but for most of us we don`t. This kind of revenue also means the vast variety of choices when it comes to furnishing your office.

Earlier, the demand for office furniture was limited to file cabinets, desks and chairs but today it has diversified to include ergonomic chairs, recyclable carpeting and custom-built furniture. In 2006, U.S. companies spent $12.9 billion on office furniture. It is suggested that about 70% of the industry is using cubicles, which are more difficult to install than free-standing furniture.

A big name that comes to mind when you think of office furniture is Ikea. According to Eunice Lee of Oregon Business Magazine, “one of Ikea`s strengths is the personalization of its products. Their popular desks are customizable in color, height, and accessories.” Leaving you the consumer more options not only to choose from, but also to customize the product for where it will be placed. Let us not forget the office chair. Chairs are now sought after to be more comfortable and of course ergonomically correct. Danine Alati of Contract claims, “today`s ergonomic seats are so inherently functional that they work as hard as the users who occupy them.” Studies have shown that the more comfortable a chair is, the more productive you (or your employees will become). “Since lack of comfort translates to lack of productivity, ergonomic seating manufacturers are challenged to provide intuitive chairs that are easy to use and accommodating to users, with a clean, pleasing aesthetic, to boot,” continues Alati.

You`re Fired! Ok not quite, but we all know the show, The Apprentice, which is hosted by Donald Trump. Not surprising but now, even he is getting in on the office furniture act. According to furniture today, “Staples has launched the Trump Office, an exclusive licensed line of office chairs. The chairs` designs are inspired by the lifestyle of real estate developer and celebrity, Donald Trump.” Trump describes the products “as solidly crafted executive chairs.” According to Staples, “the chairs are made using stain-resistant, heavy-duty fabrics and leathers.” So you are not fired, but at least you`ll be comfortable.

Of course if you are creating or setting up a home office, chances are you are gearing it up to your own special needs, fashions, styles and work environment. Those same sentiments are agreed to by Heath Combs of Furniture Today whos says, “the trend in home office furniture is equally tied to technology in terms of its design and functionality.” Sligh Furniture Company`s Family Communication Center features a laptop docking station with power, Internet and data ports and Aspenhome`s Liv360 cocktail table includes an adjustable lift-top table and storage space for laptops, pens, paperclips, file folders and other desk accessories to name a couple of companies who are offering a more customized feel for the end user.

So you have some choices to make for your home office as well your office at work. The key to any piece of furniture or equipment you buy…make sure it is comfortable.