Green Ergonomically Designed Offices


We all need to do our part when it comes to saving and preserving our planet, and even though you might think recycling and going green only applies to full blown hippies and people with a lot of time on their hands, you’re wrong. Everywhere you look now you will see how people are trying to go green in every way possible. Now you can even apply going green to office furniture and accessories. If you are busy setting up your own office or refurnishing your old office you can play your part in preserving our planets resources by adapting your plans to the following:

Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomics study how humans interact with the work place and by applying ergonomic principles to the work place you can help to minimise stress and maximise productivity. Ergonomically designed furniture helps to ensure comfort and productivity and will help your employees to avoid injuries associated with the workplace.

Follow these guidelines to make your office ergonomically friendly:

Buy computers with higher pixels.
Computers screens should be placed below eye level.
Ensure that your employees wear the correct kind of spectacles for computer use.
Chairs should provide adequate support to workers backs.
Employees need to obtain the correct posture when sitting behind a desk. Feet should be flat on the floor and forearms should be placed at the correct angle.

Going Green With Furniture

In order for the planets resources to be preserved we need to reuse and recycle. Reusing furniture is very simple and can also save you a lot of money. Instead of buying new furniture try to buy used furniture or rather hire furniture form a company. Furniture hire companies actually play a big role in the reusing of furniture and also provide excellent quality and variety at affordable monthly fees.

Small Things That Will Help Save Energy

Just by making a few small changes around the office you can greatly help reduce the volume of energy consumed by you and your employees. In order for changes to be consistent you need to constantly remind everyone around you why you should apply these changes and what kind of difference you are making.

Print out a list of the ways in which you and your employees can be saving energy:

Lights that are not being used should be switched off and all lights should be switched off when leaving the office.
Do not leave computers on through the night. Rather put your computer on hibernate or sleep mode which will save a lot of energy. Also check your computer’s power saving settings and ensure that you are using the most efficient settings.
Use soya based ink toner cartridges in your office and ensure that you and your employees only print when necessary. Make use of electronic file storage for databases instead of using paper.
Recycle all of the boxes, paper and cans that are used in your office. You can make a big difference by applying small principles.