Guest Chairs for Your Office: Picking the Right Ones


Guest chairs are a part of the office that are not often given much consideration, but they are an important part of the office. Even if you have only a cubical or a small office, if you get many guests or people stopping by to speak with you or ask questions, it is good to have a chair available for them to sit in. When you think about it, the other alternatives are to stand up with them the whole time they are in your office or stare awkwardly upward for the entire visit. Either one is an unattractive alternative to being able to sit and talk face to face.

The types of chairs you get for your office may vary depending on the style and decorations already there. You may have a set design that your company provides, so you don’t really have a say in what type of chairs go in your office. If you do have a choice, try finding ones that are comfortable and inviting so your guests will feel at ease. Darker colors are common for guest chairs, mostly because the tend to go with everything. The object is not to draw attention to the guest chairs but just to have them accent the furniture that is already there.

Your job will also help determine what type of guest chairs you pick out. For example, some professions want a more intimidating feeling in their office, perhaps an attorney that frequently negotiates with opposing counsel in person. There are a few “mind-games” that people like to play with those types of meetings. To be intimidating and give off the persona of being confident, choose guest chairs that place the visitor just a few inches below you. This may or may not actually work for you, depending on who you are talking to, but it is a tested theory in the business world.

Professionals that regularly host clients and potential clients in their office want to choose chairs that are comfortable, inviting and give the client a feeling of confidence about you. These are often the guest chairs that are made of plush leather or hand carved wood. They can often be found in offices of the same style. If your job happens to be making money for the client, such as a stock broker or an agent, the more successful (ie. expensive) looking the better. If you can afford expensive furniture in your office, you obviously do fairly well for yourself and thus do well for your clients.

Medical professionals may have several different places for guest chairs, including in the waiting room, the patient rooms and the office. For the waiting rooms and patient rooms, it is usually best to go with something simple but nice. Ideally something that is easily cleaned as well, especially if you’re a doctor that treats patients around flu season! Inside a private office, medical professionals usually want to go with something comforting above all. It is nerve rattling enough to go to the doctor sometimes, so anything that can be done to ease the tension will help. Guest chairs are an important part of your office style and set the overall tone for people who visit you there so choose wisely.