How To Make Used Furniture Seem Like New


Buying second hand furniture is a great idea to help save money and will enable you to buy more for less. When it comes to your office, you want to create a professional environment where you can feel at ease and get as much work done as possible. Buying second hand furniture is a great idea to help save capital, but you will have to make sure that your office won’t look second- hand by repairing and restoring furniture to their original condition. This will make a good impression on clients and will give your office that professional sparkle!

Here are some of the most common problems you can come across when buying second hand furniture:


Light scratches on furniture can be fixed through regular maintenance; use a furniture polish to gently rub the scratch so it will be less obvious. Regular maintenance of your furniture will leave the wood shiny and will also prevent further damage. If the furniture has a lot of scratches, or has been scuffed, then you will need to use sandpaper in order to buff out the scratch marks.
For deep scratches that cannot be fixed through polish or sanding, you will need to use a wax stick.


Buying a piece of dented furniture does not mean that it has to stay dented forever. Even though a dent might seem impossible to repair it can actually be really easy and inexpensive.

It might come as a surprise that an iron and a damp cloth can actually fix small dents in your wooden furniture. Just put a dripping wet cloth on top of the dent and then leave the hot iron on for a minimum of 60 seconds. The wood will then swell and actually fill out the dent. Never did you think it could be this easy!

For bigger dents in painted furniture you will need to visit the hardware store and buy paint fillers to finish off the dent after using the ironing method.

Water Stains

The most common thing you will come across when buying used furniture is water stains. While most of us have coasters, very few of us actually use them and knowing how to remove water stains will help you for those incidences in the future as well. Once again when it comes to fixing this problem, the iron seems to be the answer. Simply use a dry shirt or cloth, put it over the stain and iron out the water mark.

Finishing Off Your New Used Furniture

After fixing all of the dents, scratches or water stains, you can make sure that your furniture will look brand new by either giving it a new coat of paint or by applying varnish. Before painting or varnishing you need to sand off the previous paint or varnish and you need to give the wood a smooth surface. When painting you need to remember that you should work in layers; layer the piece of furniture with thin layers of paint and afterwards add the varnish to give it that special shine.