Material-Specific Home Office Furniture Care Tips


Material, Veneer, Marble, or Treated Plywood this type of desktops can most likely be wiped off with a mild soap and water. The best way is use a good spray cleaner which can be applied and wiped off. If you are not sure it is better to seek advice. For office chairs and office desks ask you office furniture dealer. When cleaning the metal parts of your office desk it will be a good idea to use a specialised cleaner. With these items like chrome, steel, bronze could only be coated and not the real thing. This is best to ask your furniture dealer.

Usually you have no need to worry as most steel type office furniture is made from steel or aluminium which is very easy to clean. The wooden types of office furniture are mainly made of chip wood with veneer so they can be wiped down. But do not allow water to remain on the desk for longer than 10 minutes as it will start to soak into the wood of the desk. The desk will start to expand and then the desk or cupboard etc will be “throw away” at that point.

If you are want to polish your office desk or office furniture. it is best to do it on a regular bases and when the furniture is been cleaned. The oil and waxed based polishes are the best to be used on office furniture.

When work on glass, it can be cleaned with a normal wet cloth and a bit of soap. If the glass is fitted in a work surface, it is better to remove the glass careful and clean underneath the glass. This normally has a build-up. Vinegar and water may be the safer route and has the same effect of ammonia. In too many cases many cleaning solutions that have ammonia caused streaks on the glass.

This is only an idea but you are getting some ideas of what care goes into your office furniture before you purchase your office furniture for your home or office.