Modern Office furniture used to seat the visitors should be not just comfortable but also plush


Walk into a modern office lounge and in less than half a minute you are sizing up the office furniture, organization and all its worth. The reception, the interiors, the designer office furniture and fixtures are all an undeniable stamp of your taste and style. Going wrong with oversized dominating furniture or ill fitted lighting can leave gaping holes into the reflection of your liking. You want a visually appealing look yet not frivolous.

Decide forehand the tone you want. Choose from minimalistic or modern office to contemporary or designer office furniture. Co-ordinate with elaborate flower decorations as centerpieces or low hanging lights. You could even accent the company logo or signage with the right play of lights.

Contemporary or Designer Office Furniture

The office furniture used to seat the visitors should be not just comfortable but also plush. Select lines that include two-three seaters as well as single sofas. Contemporary office furniture can differ in styles from interiors if you like to blend and match. Pick office furniture lines that allow convenient storage and flexibility of use. Strategically place mobile storage units at those demanding old corners and organize your paperwork and desk better. Ideal for home office as well as modern office.

The Calvin Storage Unit is a modern day masterpiece. A contemporary and beautiful Storage Unit, the Calvin is designed in a handful of convenient configurations to meet varied needs of office.This modern and good-looking Lunchbox that can be moved from one room to the other, thanks to its casters. Available in a variety of beautiful case colors such as Yellow and Charcoal, this interactive storage solution matches the work style of professionals today. A solid steel construction makes the Calvin Storage Unit extremely durable. The Calvin Storage Unit can even be set for sharing and used for extra space delineations.

Select colors like cherry or wenge or Oak to suit your office furniture and dramatize the look. If you’d like to stick to conventional color then go for the entire range in one color or play with different shades for different sections of the office. Spacify has done all the research that it takes to present to you state of the art home office and contemporary office furniture.

The ergo desk, an all-wood beauty is for those wanting lot of surface area to house multiple office equipment. The Most shaped executive desk is on the same lines with a curvaceous contemporary office furniture look. Or try the Zip desk for efficient space management with style combined with its painted frosted glass top. For Designer office furniture check out the D2 Pocket desk with its sleek geometric clean lines.

This chair will fit perfectly into your living room or office, adding a finishing touch of simplicity and style. This luxury Collection is designed to rock your living space with trendy, beautiful designs and modular functionality.

Not just desks but storage cabinets are a huge hit as well with Spacify with the option of stylish mobile units raving large. While looking for efficient filing options the Iris cabinets are apt and unmatchable. Suited for home office as well as designer office furniture components. Or the Trend pedestal with two draws. Both these stunners come with mobile unit options as well making hem a twin steal. The Most pedestals are also another storage cabinet that blends into your contemporary office furniture setup as well.

The Calvin Contemporary Storage Unit is an elegant and multipurpose, state-of-the-art storage unit that makes a strong and impressive style statement despite its minimalist design.If you have been looking for innovative and flexible home storage units, make sure to check out this contemporary storage option that is guaranteed to enhance the decor of your modern office.

Last but not the least don’t miss the elusive lightning options we have at Spacify. Lighting can make or break the very look you may have worked so hard to create. Play it up with the gold award winning Piccola Lamp design or the IO task lamp to suit flexi desk options.

The Entire look of your home office can be dramatically changed with a few clever choices. All you have to be decide. Like they say the finesse is in the details. Pay attention to your room dimensions, protruding electrical outlets that can be camouflaged with clever positioning of furniture. Heating ducts, worktops for the communication equipment with storage space for papers, windows that open in out vs. those that slide, the list is endless. Do you like your workstation to be compartmentalized or do you want it to house a vertical processor desktop?

Would you be keeping this designer office furniture or remodeling in a years time? Do you need lights that are soft or ones that instantly brighten the room? All you have to do is walk into Spacify and each creation will leave you inspired.