Office Desks: The Bold, the Beautiful and the Just Plain Strange


Whether you are coordinating a large office for many workers or just designing your own, the desk is the most vital part of the operation. It is the place where everything sits, where everything happens and what everything else centers around. An office desk set the tone of the office, especially if it is a large office with a lot of personal touches. They can range from the very plain to the incredibly lavish and everywhere in between.

Most offices today are made up of a series of cubicles, so the standard office desk is one that actually hangs to the structure of the cubicle itself. One good thing about these desks is that they are adjustable to be taller or shorter; they just have to go up or down a few pegs of the cubicle wall. They are not usually the most decorative desks, but this has a lot to do with the fact that most offices with cubicles are not very personalized areas anyway. The office desk usually matches the position and the importance of the role in the company, so cubical dwellers are often as replaceable as their desks.

Large companies typically reserve the really good office desks to those with just a little more rank, like the general managers, vice presidents, president or CEO. When you think of the office of the head of a major corporation, you cannot help but think of a three piece mahogany desk set with matching book case and oversized leather office chair. While these office desks do still exist, they are very few and far between. Even so, it is fun to dream and you never know, you might be sitting behind one someday.

With a large part of the population of the workforce working out of their homes, home office desks are multiplying in variety and availability. You can find them in so many shapes, sizes and styles that they will literally go with just about any home decor. If your home office is a fairly modular, simple and clean look, a metal framed drafting-table-style office desk may be just what you are looking for. There’s enough plenty of room for your computer and whatever other devices you may need, or you can clear it all off and have a place to spread out plans or photographs. If your home is traditional in style and you want an office desk to complement that, a conventional roll top desk would be nice. The best part about it is that you can close it down at the end of the day, or anytime you want to hide your messy “office”.

Some office desks are not only creative, but they’re flat out genius. If you are an office dweller with the heart of an athlete, or vice versa, you may enjoy the unique design of a standing desk with optional treadmill. That’s right, an office desk with a treadmill attached. You can type on your computer, conference call or just surf the web while you get your exercise. Standing desks can be good for your circulation as well, and they can help you stay focused on task by keeping the blood flowing. This is just more proof that there is no one type of office desk that is right for everyone, and that’s a good thing because there would be nothing left to do with the other 999,999 designs.