Office Furniture For The Control Freak


Have you seen these “pods” in call centre offices? These look like one large desk divided into small parts for each person to sit at. These office desks are design for computer screens and a telephone for call centres, there is no space for personal items like a family picture etc.

Office furniture such as these sectional units are made for one purpose and should not be used for anything else. You will not get any satisfaction from you staff if you push them to do normal work in one of these.

The only thing to be recommended when it comes to office furniture of the desk department is the curved desk. My great grandmother was a tiny woman but it seems I inherited her patience – or lack of it. She once took a saw to the corner of her kitchen table because she was sick of the bruising resulting from yet another collision.

When it comes to the reception office desks they are completely different. It is nice to have a good looking reception counter to your office as it is the image of the company. This needs to be thought out also. You don’t want your customers feeling that you don’t care about them with chest height counter tops. Counters with bullet proof glass is not necessary if the receptionist is not dealing with money for the accounts.

Bullet proof glass reception counters are not to be used if clients spoken to regularly as this are a pain that everyone has to raise their voice just to be able to communicate with each other.

With office partitioning they are not sound proof, office residents need to remember that your office can hear what is going on. They may not be able to view your paper work on your office desk, but they can hear your telephone conversion.

Your office seating is important part of the office furniture. Your employees need to be comfortable on the chairs that they sit on. If employees have discomfort the productive will go down.

Are you a control freak? Then bolt a chair to the floor and watch the seated squirm when they find they cannot move it to a position that gives them a better advantage. Chairs in the unemployment offices are bolted to the floor but this is to prevent them being used as projectiles during a riot.

For those of you looking for seating for your customers, it is a good idea to get comfortable. This will allow them to relax and maybe a read with a cup of coffee or tea. This is great before they spend all their money with you.