Office Furniture Includes the Break Room Too


When it comes to office furniture, the first things that comes to mind are usually computer desks and hutches, office chairs, book shelves and file cabinets. With a bit of further thought you may come up with cubicles, conference tables, reception furniture and waiting room furniture. But an area that few give much thought to when office furniture is mentioned is break room furniture. Let’s take a look at this forgotten category.

First off, it is actually more important than employers may realize. Some companies just throw whatever they find into the break room and call it good, not really giving it much though. But employees want somewhere to go that they feel comfortable. A nice break room gives a feeling of caring, something that is important to employees, a feeling that they are valued. So, what should be in a break room? Here are some possibilities.


These are obvious, employees need a place to sit and eat. There are a lot of options, most any table is functional. You can go with basic folding tables made out of molded plastic or laminated, they also come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can step up a bit and get tables with a solid base, which are sturdier and last longer. Though nothing fancy is needed, a sturdier more permanent style table is preferred.


Folding chairs work, or you can step it up a bit to a stacking style chair. In any break room, functional works fine for sitting at a table to eat.

Counters and Cupboards

A place to prepare food and store some basics is always appreciated. Basics often include some odd dishes and utensils, paper towels, a few cleaners, etc. The counter is also perfect for a few small appliances, such as a coffee maker, toaster or microwave. Along with smaller appliances that can be kept on the counter, a refrigerator is a definite necessity in break rooms of businesses that have full time employees.

Book Shelf

This really is an optional piece of office furniture in a break room, but is great for a place to store magazines or books. Employees can start a paper back book exchange program, or the shelf provides a place for magazines to be recycled instead of trashed when people are done with them at home.

Other Furniture

To make the space really comfortable, it is nice to provide some more comfortable furniture for employees to relax in, either for a short break or a full lunch hour. These can include couches or love seats, overstuffed chairs or recliners. Small end tables next to them is nice for setting drinks and magazines.

Besides office furniture, a few extra touches are also nice in a break room. Things like carpeting, a few pictures on the wall and decent lighting. These extra touches along make a break room more comfortable and enjoyable to use by all.

If you are setting up a new office with office furniture, don’t forget the break room. If you set up a room that is comfortable to use while your employees are on break or at lunch, they will be happier and be more productive throughout the day.