Office Furniture Up To Date


Looking at the old Victorian offices was they had all the solid wooden desks and drawers. Were we have to settle for the stained types as the real deal is to expensive.

The hefty great bits of furniture consisted of sumptuous looking buttoned leather office chairs. Added to the office was elaborate oriental style rugs with tasselled curtains were to create warmth in the room. But it was created an impression.

Large book cases that took up walls and large space; some with the wooden filing cabinets. The hand crafted knee hole office desks were made by master craftsmen and take months to create. With the Victorian office had electricity a common item on the office desk was a lamp.

Times have changed and many of us have move on too. There are some offices that have kept their trends in place. Others that have placed these items into store have now the chance to get rid of them as more and more people are seeking to buy these items to have a link to the past.

Through the passage of time office furniture, along with household furniture, has moved with the fashions working through from the ornate detailing of the Victorian era, through to the fanciful times of Art Deco. This was brought into the office with angles, decorative glass and mirrored surfaces.

During the fifties and sixties office furniture changed, being made from chipboard and veneered surfaces to help with the saving of trees and cost saving. Rounded corners and décor was added to bring some style to the look of office furniture.

G-Plan comes in in the seventies and eighties which had a lot for the interior designers going mad. With square office furniture was key and plants were bought about in the office environment.

Now today’s office furniture is full of style, large open plan offices with hundreds of office desks and comfortable office chairs. With so many options available you have such a large range of office chairs and office desks available.

There is also no need for these expensive office layouts of office furniture. There is the option of renting your office furniture for the short term projects you may have. Rent a Desk – we deliver all the office desks and office chairs to your office and do the full setup of the office furniture to your layout.