The Basics of Contemporary Office Furniture


Time has proven then and again that an individual’s surroundings greatly affects the way he acts. Any given individual will have a strong tendency to adapt to his surroundings, which obviously means that his environment will certainly change him. Scientific studies showed that this is applicable to every homes, whether having much social interaction or less. Obviously, this is also applicable in an office environment. Have you ever wondered why feng shui is such a flourishing business?

By using and mixing in the right elements you can encourage office workers in a certain direction through their reactions to their environment. The type of environment in the office can certainly factor in the quality and efficiency of employees’ works. For example, you put two persons in two different offices: one is in an office with hip, contemporary office furniture, and the other having more traditional but rather boring office furniture. No doubt that there will likely be greater work efficiency with that person who is around some contemporary office furniture.

So what makes for contemporary office furniture? Most contemporary office furniture is made of vinyl and steel. The traditional wood patterns are out. In the contemporary scene, there is also a teeming use of glass, which enhances the overall look of the furniture. Glass can be molded, colored and etched, giving it various designs and patterns. Glass either stand alone or coupled with other materials, is an essential part to give office furniture that so-called edge.

When purchasing for contemporary office furniture, it’s a must that a company’s character should be kept in mind. It is just as bad to have lousy set of furniture when contemporary office furniture seem to be far fetch from the character of the company. For instance, if the company is into books and publishing then it would be good to have some geeky feel with the furniture.

Tables are vital elements in an office and they may come in varied sizes and shapes. The biggest tables are necessary in conference rooms. Setting the tables in conference rooms is a tricky decision to make, as these are the places where visiting clients are received and presentations are held. Conference room tables should have matching chairs. They must be comfortable, but they can be as unconventional in design as needed, depending again on the character of the company.

Compartmentalized offices inside the office have their own sets of furniture. Usually needed are a desk and a plush chair, other chairs for accommodating customers and several drawers. It should be noted that the desk should not be too large so as to intimidate clients, and the drawers should not be too many to be confusing.

Equally essential is the furniture in the lobbies and waiting rooms, as this is the place where clients wait and create opinions about the company. It is sufficient to have comfortable sofas and a few low tables with magazines, but it more rewarding to have some paintings and wall hangings with bright lighting. The reception desk also should be really clean and presentable.

It’s only imperative thus that discussion on appropriate contemporary office furniture should be a top agenda at the next conference meeting.