The Dos And Don’ts Of Using Office Furniture


Office furniture can be used in many different ways, and this will change from office to office. What can be done in one office will be different in another office. New office furniture should be welcome in the office at any point. This also changes the scope of your stuff as they change in attitude and love the change in the office.

When in come to open plan office desks they involve planning. The layout of the office furniture to the power for the desks this all requires planning. There is a lot more to open plan office desks then one thinks of; the power from the main sources to the desks to data points and telephones. There are many solutions available for these setups, but they can be costly.

Another tip about open plan office furniture is to keep your paper work etc on your office desk. Don’t let it creep to other desks. When it comes to been sick it is best to stay at home. Open plan offices pass sickness around a lot faster.

Offices with partitions in between the office furniture create a bit of privacy and help to divide the workplace. These are but sound proof as if you decide to have an argument with your wife or husband then be prepared for the whole office to know.

These partitions are not smell proof either so try and keep your aromas down as much as possible as you neighbour will not be happy with smelling you’re over powering perfume etc.

Computers are one of the main office equipment items so try and look after them. By slamming the item because it is not doing what you want it to do is not going to make it the item do the task so there is no point.

It is best to stay away from bitching about colleagues or bosses in emails. You never know who is watching. Even thou this is against the law, you still don’t know who is reading your emails.

When you are on lunch it is good idea for everyone that you eat your lunch in the lunch room. It is not nice for everyone to smell your lunch. If you are eating at your office desk and you share the office desk with someone else it nasty to leave your bread crumbs etc behind for the next person.

Networking is an important part of the office, but at any work functions stay away from using the office furniture as a prop to flirt with staff members, in fact just don’t do it, it will get you a bad reputation.

For those moments in the day when you feel yourself flagging, do not fall asleep at your desk. Office furniture is never comfortable and walking around an hour later with qwerty stamped on your face is a bit of a give-away. If that forty winks is absolutely necessary, try the stationary cupboard.