Things To Consider When Buying Refurbished Or Used Cubicles Or Pre-Owned Office Furniture


1. What kind of space is it?
2. How full of furniture do you want the space to be?
3. What is the atmosphere if the room you want to put furniture in? Or, better yet, consider what you want the atmosphere to be like for you and your guests once the decorating with furniture is completed.
4. Are you hoping for a classy look and feel?
5. Do you want your office to be comforting, restful, and inviting?
6. Do you want a different feel in each of your offices? is a full service, in house cubicle and office furniture refurbishing company specializing in Haworth new & used office furniture and cubicles.

If you are looking for refurbished or “as is” used office furniture or cubicles you have come to the right place. specializes in refurbished, as is, new or used cubicles & office furniture. Used cubicles and office furniture is easy on the pocket book and a clever way to increase space for your business.

There are many exciting aspects to used cubicles and used office furniture. Cubicles are stand alone offices and cost a good deal less than building out additional space. Most used cubicle offices can be assembled in less than two hours depending upon requirements and footprint of the office space. refurbishes all second hand furniture with fire resistant material for safety and if you need to expand or move it can be done easily and safely.

For most businesses going to typical office furniture supplies store and putting in an order for as many pieces of office furniture as they will need is a fairly simple solution. For a startup company this may not be possible just because of the cost factor involved. There are several solutions for a startup company to get your hands on less expensive refurbished or as is used office furniture and still maintain a professional appearance on their office space.

With a little preparation you can maximize the workspace within your warehouse or office. It is important that you carefully take into consideration the number of people that will work your office and make sure cubicles and office furniture leaves enough room for the staff to remain comfy and not feeling like they are confined.

Our used and refurbished cubicles and office furniture are not only cost effective and easy to maneuver, but also they can be used for many different applications. Used cubicles and office furniture can be used for executive offices, workstations, storage, classrooms, laboratories, retail stores, and many other important uses.

New, used or refurbished office furniture is an excellent, economical, and time saving technique for any business. You will find that your business and workers love the ease, design, and safety of our new or used cubicles and refurbished office furniture. acquires most used cubicles and office furniture from newspaper classifieds, phone inquiries, auctions and companies closing an office or going bankrupt. This is a good way to obtain respectable furniture at a large discount, put together a package that meets your work space requirements and pass the savings on to our customers. Some of the furniture that is still in good condition will be sold as is, the rest will be refurbished to new condition in our plant in Houston, Texas.

We have in stock and ready to ship refurbished use cubicles and used office furniture that have many applications including executive offices, workstations, storage, classrooms, laboratories, retail stores, and many other valuable uses.