Why First Impressions Count To New Clients


The best way to impress your potential clients begins from the moment the client enters into the building. The first thing they see is the reception furniture, how the furniture has been arranged and what the general room looks like in terms of organisation and cleanliness. Imagine for a moment that you walk into a corporate building, when the first thing you see is a stack of boxes piling up on the floor by the entrance door, no receptionist at the reception desk and all of the reception furniture are dated tattered and unkempt.

Your immediate reaction is to ask yourself where the nearest receptionist or member of staff is located. Once you have found the member of staff, they ask you to take a seat; you wince and try not to make it obvious that you have no intentions of sitting on a couch that has holes on the arms and stains that appear to be from previous drink spillages. Now imagine if this was your office or company building and your new client is walking in to find badly presented reception furniture.

Part of impressing your client is to communicate with them as a professional individual with the ability to network efficiently. When holding a meeting at your establishment the last thing you would want is to greet them in an unorganised office, which is unclean and is clearly not a suitable working environment. You will also need to establish how to arrange all of the furniture in the reception area, but allowing more space for walking round and keeping the furniture layout simple.

Keeping boxes stacked in front of the door to the reception area is both a hazard and is not recommended if this is a designated fire exit. The reception furniture itself must not be elaborately designed and should match the rest of the decor of the office. Of course, if you work in a very informal environment then this is a different matter altogether, some public buildings may have such wacky furniture to suit the theme of the building.

Generally, corporate buildings stick to simple, modern and neutral coloured furniture that compliment the design and style of the rest of the office. This gives a more professional and calm tone to it. Most of these buildings have a very specific style about them as they are targeted towards serving a specific purpose, therefore when clients come in they have a more conservative and business-like nature about them.

Picking the right reception furniture for your office is not as easy as some may think, as this requires understanding on what type of furniture will give out the right impression and what ones give out the wrong impressions. You should make that they are also laid out evenly around the room, but allowing plenty of space to manoeuvre and opening the room up. Often some establishments can make the mistake in ordering more desks or chairs over a period, which then leads to the offices becoming cluttered with furniture.

The best thing to do is to seek professional advice on how best to lay out everything in the office, without have to make too many dramatic changes and preferably with knocking any walls. This can be achieved through making accurate judgement on where best to move the furniture, which will bring out more space. The size of the furniture is vital if you are looking to save space, so make sure you take some measurements before going out to buy your reception furniture.