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Office Furniture Rentals

Office Furniture Rentals for Short or Long Term Projects

Rent-A-Desk – Office Furniture Rentals & Long Term Furniture Hire

No need to incur exorbitant capital expenses on your office furniture to conduct business. Rent a Desk offers long term or leasing of office furniture for long term projects or for startup companies.

Short Term Office Furniture Hire

Rent a Desk offers short term leasing or hiring of office furniture for your office solution. If your company has a short term project or awaiting on your office furniture to arrive, we offer month to month office furniture hire.

Rent Office Furniture

For us, every client is as important as the next, and we offer a choice of products that would suit any budget. So even if you need just a few pieces of furniture, some chairs, credenzas and a table to set up a conference or boardroom for just a day or two, you can count on us to accommodate your requirements effectively.
Best of all is that our furniture rentals are offered at a cost that makes sense and that is regarded as a fully deductible tax expense.

Lease Office Furniture

Should you require more long-term office furniture solutions, we offer cheap, discounted rates, so you can afford to rejuvenate your office space and change your look as often as you like.

Office Furniture Rentals

We offer short or long term rental options and some of our other services include:

  • Internal Office Moves
  • Secure Storage Facilities
  • Office Cable Tidy-ups

So why wait if you can enjoy all the benefits of a fully equipped, professional office right now! Contact Rent-A-Desk, for a personal meeting to discuss YOUR specific requirements.

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